Monday, 15 September 2014

MCM Glasgow - Cardcaptor Sakura Cosplay

 A few weeks ago was MCM Glasgow, and my friend 'Plasticskittles' and I cosplayed Sakura and Tomoyo from Cardcaptor Sakura! It's been a goal of mine to cosplay her since I was quite young, so it was amazing to finally do it. And especially fun since I had Tomoyo with me ;)
                                     (true to character, Tomoyo made the outfits! Ahahah)

 (I bought rather a lot of -stuff-. Including a poteusa keychain, art from friends who had alley tables, some comics of course and the latest GLB!)

There are more photos elsewhere, though heaven help me rounding them up!

Friday, 12 September 2014


OhVelveteena's Art Tumblr

Way back when I first started using Tumbr, I’d intended it to be an art-blog. But then I ended up just reblogging whatever I liked and it became a personal general-interest thing.
So now I’m taking a second shot at the Art-Blog idea with “Ohvelveteenart”, the Art blog by OhVelveteena!
I’m not sure what you should expect from this really. Fan art, definitely, a lot of pokemon probably. Horror and guro art probably, maybe some NSFW stuff?
I'm not sure exactly what direction this is going yet, but it now exists and that's a start!

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Science Centre meetup 2014

Since it has been several years since our last meetup at the Science Centre, we felt it was time to go back and see the new exhibits, and re-visit old favourites.
In this video you can see my new favorite exhibit, the mind-controlled ball! The premise is simple, you put on a sensor-band around your head, and sit across from another person also wearing one.. and the person who is most relaxed, will "win" by the ball rolling towards the person with more active brainwaves.
What I DIDNT know, was that autistic people's brainwaves are naturally on a smoother/lower frequency, and they will always win! They have the ability to fool the machine! Isn't that amazing!?

                                                               There are a lot more skeletons around...

 One of my favourite simple Illusions was still avaliable to play with! The disembodied head! (see 2014, vs 2011 versions)

Saturday, 16 August 2014

TaoBao Haul Video

The Taobao sevice I use is YoyBuy.

Prinsty Nightdress:


Chiffon Dress:

Crucifix Shoes:
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