Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Light Up Dress

A trend I never expected to come to lolita, but really like, is the LED Dress!
The concept is exactly what it sounds like, LED lights incorporated into a dress. This has appeared on stages and celebrities on occasion before, but in the last few months it's been appearing slowly as a regular-person fashion accessory. And I really think it could become a trend.

These two are examples from Tumblr,
first, the very popular Doxiequeen1 in one of her many, impressive, fully handmade dresses that incorporated LED lighting;


Second, is the first example I saw in a specifically Lolita fashion outfit, Jollymistress wearing lights to illumate Day Dream Carnival!


Next, is the "Hikaru Skirt" by designer Kiyoyuki Amano.
These will apparently be commercially avaliable eventually, but right now are in prototype.


The only currently commercially avaliable light-up dress I can find right now is this one from RoseWholesale;

Unfortunately it is currently out of stock, and not particularly suited to lolita fashion anyway.

But I am very interested to watch this idea develop, and hope it becomes a major trend in fashion for this year!

Sunday, 25 January 2015

"Opposites Attract" Outfit Planning

The valentines meetup is coming up soon, and the theme is "Opposites Attract"! This means I can really flex my "twinning" muscles. I adore twin outfits, as a concept and a look.

First, Nun Lolita and Dandy;

\despite the massive popularity of nun-lolita in the last year, I haven't seen many boystyle counterparts. So this is my attempt at creating one!

Waistcoat: AATP
Neckpiece: metamorphose
Shorts: F+F

Dress: Metamorphose
neckpiece: Marble
Socks: BTSSB
Next, I decided to use my two Meta Nun OPs to create identical opposites

Both Dresses; metamorphose
Black bolero: Putumayo
White bolero: vintage
Black hat: Miho Matsuda
White Hat: offbrand and hand-decorated.
Both pairs of socks and shoes: Metamorphose

The other item I have a duplicate of is AATP Vampire Requiem. I have the red JSK and Black Skirt, so used those to creat vampire twins!

JSK and Skirt: AATP
Blue Blouse: Metamorphose
Both pairs of Socks: Metamorphose
Headbow with print: Baby
Solid black headbow: Heart E
Ribbon chokers from Etsy stores.
All decorative roses offbrand!

Which is your favourite? Do you like twin styles?

Saturday, 24 January 2015

In Love with a Monster Outfits 1

Next week, I have a photoshoot planned with the theme of Dracula's Bride's Boudoir. Which should be fun! While planning outfits for this, I started thinking of several versions, loosely themed around the classic horror monsters.

First, "Im in Love with Dracula"

Vintage pegnoir and nightdress,
metamorphose headbow
BohemmLily Choker
handmade hair bats.

Second, "Im in Love with Frankenstien's Monster"

Handmade accessories.
Vintage nightdress
NudeSox stitching tights

And, "Im in love with the doctor who built me!"

metamorphose dress
Re-style Belt
offbrand choker
NudeSox tights.

Friday, 23 January 2015

LBC: Local/Handmade Item Coord.

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival topic is: "Coord Made Completely from Handmade or Local Items"

I have a very obvious favourite handmade piece, that I may have mentioned several times before;

The red skirt with birdcadge embroidery, which was made by my friend Plasticskittles!

So I based my outfit around that, and used no brand items at all.

The blouse is from a local vintage store, the choker is from Boheminne Lily; a UK-based handmade jewelery shop!

I really like this outfit, so perhaps look out for it in some future OOTD snaps on instagram!
Coord Made Completely From Handmade Or Local Clothing And AccessoriesCoord Made Completely From Handmade Or Local Clothing And Accessories
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